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We are leader in the Architecture
We are Archeffect. An architecture & design company based in Egyppt. We work with an eagle's eye towards achieving the ultimate Interior design styles with special focus on architecture, furniture, interior lighting and other miscellaneous components of contemporary design. Anyone with a sense of style would realize what trends are coming up in interior designing when they take a tour of our finished projects. All our concepts and products are designed based on the underlying principles of sustainability.
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We are leader in the Architecture
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01. Meet & agree
Your project begins with a meeting to discuss your goals and wish list. We’re happy to host you in our company or come to your home for this initial meeting. We’ll listen to your overall plans, discuss your needs and wishes, get an idea for what you like and dislike, and touch upon your budget to ensure we’re all speaking the same language. At this stage, don’t assume that anything is impossible…we may surprise you!
02. Ideas & conceps
On this stage, based on our previous meeting, we produce initial concepts & ideas for your space. With sophisticated softwares, we try to get as close to your ideas as possible and refine those initial ideas to maturity.
03. Design & creat
If we’re in the right ballpark with your estimate and you feel a connection to our team, the next step involves signing a contract to kick off the design development phase. We’ll visit your space to take detailed measurements of the spaces to be renovated and then get to work. During this phase, we’ll put together options and create a complete design package for your review and, ultimately, approval. We use a variety of tools to convey the design, including hand sketches and computerized 3D renderings. We’ll select materials and appliances appropriate to your project aesthetic and budget. The total project cost can be determined and finalized at the completion of Design Development.
04. Build & install
With approvals and permits in hand, we’re ready to make it happen. At this stage, all design decisions have been made and we’re in execution mode. We’re meticulous with protecting your building and your apartment during the Finishing works or renovation process. Our careful planning and diligence while on site are paramount to keeping projects on track at this stage. While almost every project has unique site conditions, our team is adept at thoughtful problem-solving and turning issues into opportunities.
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