Choosing the Right Colors

A Guide to Interior Design: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Look Great

A Guide to Interior Design: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Look Great

It’s said there’s a world of difference between a room designed by a professional interior designer and one done by a home decorator. From balancing colour schemes to hanging artwork, planning lighting and even positioning curtains, designers have a box of tricks that can turn an average scheme into a fabulous space. We’ve rounded up some of the trade’s best-kept secrets to take your own décor to the next level.

balancing colour schemes
The Importance of a Good Design

Flooring and colour are two factors that make a big difference when it comes to design. If you have hardwood floors, matching a new colour can go a long way in making a room feel more personal and eclectic. Switching the room’s colour scheme can have a similar effect. More colour or large, bold prints are just as effective when used to break up a moody palette. The first time you meet a friend for coffee, make sure you invite him or her to your house. If your place doesn’t inspire them to return, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. That’s the kind of impact a little design know-how can have, and at a surprisingly low price. When to Act All projects are always easier if you start them early.

The Importance of interior Design
Planning is Key

“One of the biggest mistakes home owners make is going into a home and spending large amounts of time or money on decorating, It doesn’t work if you’re not looking at the whole scheme.” That’s why it’s important to identify what is important to you and your family and what you’d like to achieve in your home before picking a design. Archeffect’s design style centres on eco-friendly, seasonal pieces that make a statement. Whether she’s incorporating high-quality upholstered furniture with eco-friendly home decor, or choosing seasonal window treatments, Archeffect knows how to stay on trend without overwhelming your space.

Planning is Key
Choosing the Right Colors

One of the most important things about designing is that you need to make sure that the same patterns are not repeated in each room of the house. You want to keep it all cohesive. To help, read about some of the most popular trends for 2021. Consider the Loads of Light You want to make sure that the right amount of light comes in through your windows and the right amount of darkens the rooms. Adjusting the design light can make a huge difference in the amount of light that comes in. Find the Right Height To have the best effect with the view from your windows, you need to make sure your ceilings are the right height. Having the same height will ensure that the viewer can see everything without any obstructions.

Choosing the Right Colors

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