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Interior Design Tips and Tricks : Make Your Home Look Great

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  • The Importance of a Good Design.
  • Planning is Key.
  • Choosing the Right Colors.

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Selecting Furniture:

Decorating a room doesn’t happen in a day—though that may seem to be the case for DIYers who become discouraged with not knowing how to work with what’s already in place. If you’re new to decorating and you’re looking to spruce up the rest of your abode, professional interior designers are a great resource for finding out which furniture pieces will truly make your home a home. With years of experience in the business, these designers can provide the advice and expertise you need for a great starting point. You’ll want to start off with a neutral palette, something that will lend itself well to an array of furniture and pieces for your home. If you’re unsure of how the rest of your home should look, ask a professional for advice on the best overall style for your space.

Selecting Furniture

Tips for Selecting Living Room Furniture

Choose modern comfort with the compact table
You don’t need to shell out a small fortune to furnish a room with a perfect blend of modern and traditional. The look can be achieved with a few well-placed items in your living room, and they’re also the perfect combination of elegant and functional.
Bring a Japanese vibe with a traditional bed
a Japanese inspired sofa, paired with a classic chair and ottoman, creates a characterful seating area.


Tips for Selecting Bedroom Furniture

Before choosing what furniture to buy, it is important to consider the layout of your bedroom. Taking into account the size of your room and the layout of the furniture, you’ll be able to determine if an IKEA set is good for the bedroom or if you prefer something with a more modern look. As an alternative, it is also possible to use a good quality three-piece suite, made in a Scandinavian style, which is great for creating a sophisticated look. Tips for Designing Your Wall the final task in the design process is to choose the right colours for your walls. How you choose to arrange your furniture and wallpaper will depend on the colours of your walls, which is why it is essential to look at the colours of the house as a whole.


Hanging Artwork and Placing Curtains

Visual impact is the key to looking your best, so think twice before stacking your favorite prints side by side in a hanging basket or lining your walls with drapes. (Do you really want to wake up to bright red and blue? That’s a colour combo we don’t recommend.) A crisp, clean wall pattern is best, and a couch or chair’s or chair’s soft grey fabrics make perfect background walls. Curtains add a feminine element to a room, as well as a colour you can change up with pillows. And remember, to hang curtains, ensure the rods aren’t visible from the main traffic routes of a room. So if you have an open staircase, make sure your rod doesn’t hit the edges or finish out the top of the wall. If a window is a main traffic route, install a drapes over it.

Hanging Artwork in Your Living Room

Artwork is a must-have in any room, as it can serve as both an accent and focal point. And if you’re having difficulty finding pieces that complement the rest of your living room, remember that it’s all in the positioning. “The best way to display artwork is to hang it at eye level,” says Sydney’s Australian Furniture Warehouse interior designer, Ileana Rojo. “This will instantly turn it into a focal point, while also inviting you to look at it. Artists always think of the viewer when they paint.” If the focal point is your coffee table, then the best placement is one leg’s length from the corner. This way, as you enter the room, you will naturally see the artwork and will be drawn to it. Natural Lighting It can be easy to underestimate how much light is actually needed in a room.


Hanging Artwork in Your Bedroom

Every bedroom should have something that makes it stand out from the rest, something that allows the room to tell a story. This is the starting point of the rest of your interior design scheme. Most of us have trouble combining our favorite prints without either causing a fight with the kids or ruining the tranquility of the room. That’s why you should always hang art vertically on the wall. If you’ve chosen a modern look, choose something geometric or horizontal like horizontal stripes or black and white stripes. Hanging your art vertically makes it so much easier to reorder your prints so that they don’t compete with one another and appear muddled and random. Place the print in the centre of the wall and then repeat it vertically and horizontally until you’ve reached the edge.

Hanging Artwork in Your Bedroom

Placing Curtains in Your Home

A well-placed piece of artwork can change the look of any room. So when it comes to placement, the direction matters a lot. According to Eimear Kelly, CEO of Designers Guild Ireland and Chairperson of the Design & Development Ireland Roundtable, “One of the most difficult things for us to achieve is balance. I really mean that: Too much colour, too much pattern, and there’s no balance and it really doesn’t look like you’ve spent any time at all. Too much dark and there’s no contrast. The perfect balance is when you mix tones – and there’s no ‘one thing’ is more important than another.” When decorating, take into consideration the lighting as well as the position of the window, as darker colours will be more intense than lighter tones and could clash with an adjacent room or wall.

Placing Curtains in Your Home

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